about rise

Founded in 2007 by Sven, Robert, Markus and Florian, RISE consisted of a small room with four computers. Today the company spans three floors and 750 square meters, with 18 full-time staff and as many as 80 freelancers traveling across the globe to work in one of the most open-minded, creative and wild cities in the world; Berlin.

RISE was founded on the idea of an artist driven visual effects company where passion for outstanding design reigns supreme, creating the highest possible standard of visual effects for cinema and television. However in the eight years since it's inception RISE's reputation has grown even faster than it's floorplan; and beyond all expectation. To date RISE has contributed visual effects to some of the worlds biggest movie franchises including Avengers - Age of Ultron, Captain America, Iron Man 3, Guardians of the Galaxy and Harry Potter. Creating photoreal digital environments and rigid objects, fx animation and simulation work.

RISE has grown to become the biggest visual effects studio in the German capital of Berlin, expanding across Europe with independent offices in Cologne, Stuttgart and Vienna. The ability to quickly grow to accommodate the needs of big studio productions, to develop in-house tools and software for specialist tasks, and access to some of the worlds finest CG and visual effects artists is what clearly sets RISE above the rest.

The only things that haven't changed since 2007 are Florian, Markus, Robert, Sven, and their passion and dedication to film and top-notch visual effects.