21.02.2018 – 08:50
Munich, you better be prepared.
Next Thursday, 1st of March at 19.00, we'll celebrate our one year anniversary down South.
We thought it might be the best idea to celebrate with all the freelance artists in town since you help us creating the fireworks.

"But you are a little late to celebrate one year, aren't you?"
Yes, we hear ya, but we thought finishing our shows on time would be the better move and actually gives us even more reasons to celebrate.
Drinks on us!
You're welcomp.

Don't be shy, just stop by.

Please note: RSVP is a real thing.

20.02.2018 – 10:47
Impressive list of records at the box-office for Black Panther!

'Black Panther': All The Box Office Records It Broke (And Almost Broke) In Its $235M Debut

Outgrossing 'Justice League' in four days was merely one of its many opening weekend achievements...

[ ]

16.02.2018 – 18:12
Congratulations to our kick ass team of rocket scientists that made our shots for Black Panther turn out as beautiful as they are - and thank you to Marvel for letting them. Go watch the movie this weekend - it'll blow your socks off! #WAKANDAFOREVER #buynewsocks

14.02.2018 – 16:45
Being supporters of Houdini from "back in the day" we would like to congratulate our friends and long time collaborators at SideFX Software for winning the "tech" #Oscar (or "Scientific & Engineering Academy Award") last weekend. If anyone ever deserved this - it's got to be you. You are the foundation of our daily work and you understand what our Artists need like nobody else does. THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS!

2018 Sci-Tech Awards: Houdini Visual Effects and Animation System

#Oscars! Winners from the SideFX team accepting on behalf of the entire Houdini development and artist community at last night's #SciTech Academy Awards - Award of Merit: - Scientific & Engineering Award:

13.02.2018 – 09:06
We are extremely thankful to have had the chance to partner up with some of the most talented film makers over the past 12 months - this article on a German news site is a love story:

VFX: Spezialeffekte für Hollywood aus Berlin -

Das deutsche VFX-Studio Rise hat sich in der Filmbranche einen Namen gemacht, etwa mit Civil War und Babylon Berlin. Für den kommenden Marvel-Film Black Panther hat es eine

[ ]

12.02.2018 – 10:13
Let us know in case we're repeating ourselves:

07.02.2018 – 08:03
The wait for Black Panther is almost over! The movie is coming next week!

Marvel Studios' Black Panther: 10 Days

In 10 days, respect the throne. Get tickets to Marvel Studios' "Black Panther" now:

05.02.2018 – 17:43
It appears there is a big VFX conference in London this week. We thought we’d show up and pleasure London with our presence. A few family members will be at The VFX Festival 2018 at #RichMix from Tuesday on.

Since sharing is caring, our very own Compositing Supervisor Benjamin Burr from the Stuttgart team will present our amazing work on #TheDarkTower on Wednesday morning at 10.00.
You better show up for that one and check out the "real Big Ben" in town.

Besides this mind-blowing presentation, we thought it might be a good idea to share some of our current openings within the London VFX scene. Therefore, Mirela and Marian will walk you through the menu.
They are nice people, so you’d better talk to them and maybe we’ll see ya around very soon :-)

If you’re not in London, or maybe just busy delivering shots, you can always stop by at to have a look at our current openings.

Be wise, choose RISE.

05.02.2018 – 09:32
We are proud and happy to announce that we are working on the epic show, Avengers #InfinityWar! Have a look at this great Super Bowl trailer!

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War - Big Game Spot

An entire universe. Once and for all. #InfinityWar

02.02.2018 – 18:27
WARNING: Do NOT play this if you suffer from epilepsy, due to the theoretical risk of triggering a seizure.

Enter the ...weekend!

As we're visual people around here, we're delivering you a glimpse of spare time Berlin style.

Feel the techno? HOW MUCH IS THE FISH?

Take a deep breath, let it sink in and leave the rest to imagination. I WANT TO BE A HIPPY!

NOW ... wouldn't you want a taste of that for real? If the answer is YES then we might have a solution:

Join the best working club in town.

Feel the techno? HYPER HYPER!

Send your best move to:

Have a boom-boom weekend!



CG Supe

VFX Coord/Animation Coord

VFX Producer





CG Supe


Comp lead

L/S lead


Don't be shy, just apply!



01.02.2018 – 14:07
Our very own Robert Pinnow talked with The Art of VFX about our #VFX work on Babylon Berlin:

BABYLON BERLIN: Robert Pinnow – VFX Supervisor – RISE

Robert Pinnow has been working in visual effects for almost 20 years. He founded RISE in 2007 with Florian Gellinger, Sven Pannicke and Markus Degen. He has worked on many films such as NINJA ASSASSIN, CLOUD ATLAS, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. What is your backgrou...

[ ]


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