27.08.2018 – 16:45
Comp as you are, as you were

As I Nuke you to be

If you're around Berlin and/or Munich and you're available for projects...

Take your time, hurry up

The choice is yours, don't be late

Take a rest as a friend

As an old... application via

With that being said, we're looking for freelance compositing artists to join us in our Berlin and Munich offices in the not so distant future. ;)

Don't be shy, just apply!


27.08.2018 – 13:18
Great way to start the week by being nominated twice at animago AWARD with our #VFX work on Babylon Berlin and Jim Button And Luke The Engine Driver!

animago AWARD: Nominated Productions - animago AWARD & CONFERENCE

In 2018 the following productions where nominated in 12 animago AWARD categories. The animago AWARD Jury 2018 f.l.t.r.: Arne Palluck (animago), animago Head of Jury Günter Hagedorn, Tobias Hager (animago), Tim Rau (3DEXCITE), Sarah Neuner (LIGA 01), Jürgen Enninger (Kompetenzteam Kultur- und Kreat...

[ ]

17.08.2018 – 16:06
When RISE VFX Supervisor Oliver Schulz and his team start designing cinematic mayhem - there is no holding back. For Avengers: Infinity War, Oliver and his team turned Atlanta into Wakanda - and also into Central Park, NYC. They made jets fly, gave Bucky back his redesigned Winter Soldier arm and helped Doctor Strange travel though one of his portals.

The centerpiece - or the last piece in this case - of their work is a 1800 frames post credit scene that was completed in just 8 weeks from shoot to delivery, from actor scanning to actor disintegration, from FX design to completed assignment.

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR – out now streaming and on DVD and Blu-ray.

More info on our work on Art of VFX

Score by Paul Werner,

All content of this reel is protected by copyright laws and is owned by RISE FX GmbH or licensed from its client Marvel Studios - duplication or redistribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. © Copyright 2018 RISE FX GmbH - all rights reserved.


16.08.2018 – 15:10
Are you currently in Vancouver for SIGGRAPH Conferences 2018?
Well, that's SO good for you!
Our rocket scientist and professor Knowsitall, Oliver Markowski, is giving his second Siggraph talk this morning at 9:30am - but it's his first at SideFX Software Houdini #Hive. So you can still have this new-car-feel listening to him since it's a first (in a way).

10.08.2018 – 14:35
"It's Friday and it's time for the weekend", says CCO and Managing Partner Markus Degen.

Founded more than one decade ago by Robert Pinnow, Markus Degen, Sven Pannicke and Florian Gellinger, RISE is Germany's leading VFX studio. Based in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne, its team of over 220 professionals has worked on movies such as Marvel's Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Its TV work includes shows such as Babylon Berlin and the first German Netflix Original Dark.

"Everyone has been hard at work on our shows over the past five days, but now it's time to relax. Not for one - but for two full days!" says Robert Pinnow, Managing Director RISE.

"We hug the German VFX community and hope everyone has a well deserved break, now that things are back to normal again."



08.08.2018 – 17:26
You're just coordinary people, you know each way to go.
You're just coordinary people, you make Excel glow.
You're just coordinary people, you keep everything in flow.
'Cause you're just coordinary people, you help us run a show.

This is our special way to let you know that we're looking for VFX Coordinators in our Berlin facility starting ASAP.

If our serenade touched the sensitive chord, then press to impress at and sing us back your motivation. :)

Don't be shy, just apply!

06.08.2018 – 12:20
We are really happy to be featured in the brand new Houdini Customer reel with our #VFX work on Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer, Babylon Berlin and Black Panther!

Houdini Customer Reel 2018

Contributors: Alkemy X AXIS Studios BlackGinger Disney / Pixar Double Negative Framestore JAMM KVFX Lola Post Luma Animation The Mill Main Road Post…

[ ]

03.08.2018 – 12:00
If you are in #Vancouver during the SIGGRAPH Conferences, be sure to attend to the SideFX talks. Our #CG Supervisor will have great stuffs to present to you!

Houdini HIVE at SIGGRAPH 2018 | SideFX

SideFX will be at SIGGRAPH this year with the Houdini HIVE - three days of presentations and learning which take place on August 14-16 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in rooms 208 & 209. These sessions will include presentations using Houdini latest tools and techniques, panels geared towards stu...

[ ]


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