14.06.2019 – 17:17
Remodeling of our Berlin HQ is under way. The roof has been demolished and the complete redesign is scheduled to open in summer 2020 on three floors with enough space for 180 employees. Our exec producer’s office has temporarily moved into the little blue portable office right in front of our door. Cellphone reception is supposed to be excellent we’ve been told.
Join us and try it for yourself ;)

VFX Producer - ASAP
Bidding Producer - ASAP
CG Supe - ASAP

VFX Supervisor - Staff - ASAP
VFX Producer - Staff - ASAP
Compositing Supe - Staff - ASAP
Lighting Lead - Staff - ASAP

VFX Producer - Staff - ASAP
VFX Coordinator - Staff - ASAP
Recruiter - Staff - ASAP
FX - Staff - ASAP
Comp - Freelance/Staff - ASAP
Sys Admin - Staff - ASAP

Don't be shy, just apply!

Please note EU citizenship or an existing German work permit is required.

13.06.2019 – 16:14
REDRUM! Our team at RISE Stuttgart is on the final stretch to finish Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the all-time-classic #TheShining based on the best-selling novel by #StephenKing. Our work is being kindly supported by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg.

Doctor Sleep - Official Teaser Trailer

The world will shine again. Watch the teaser trailer now. #DoctorSleepMovie

11.06.2019 – 14:00
Hala, the name of an alien planet, covered entirely by a massive city. Its culture is rich and the technology far advanced. Below the surface lies the subterranean part of the city, only little daylight ever reaching its inhabitants.

This was the trip that Marvel Studios booked RISE on for the epic blockbuster spectacular that is Captain Marvel. RISE VFX Supervisor Oliver Schulz, supported by VFX Producer Monique Pollaehne, Compositing Supervisors Oliver Hohn and Benjamin Burr, CG Supervisor Alexander Schumann and another 60 artists put together scenes so gigantic that, instead of faking complexity, they animated an entire train ride through the designed city scape. To be more flexible in designing the shape language of the architecture, the team built a procedural detailing kit in Houdini that would automatically instance window blinds, antennas and balconies on façades to give the sense of scale.

Thanks to the incredible team at Marvel Studios who trusted us yet again with one of their precious films. Thank you to our team who re-invented the term world-building on this show. The work on Captain Marvel at RISE Stuttgart was kindly supported by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg.

Captain Marvel is out today on DVD and Blu-Ray!

All content of this reel is protected by copyright laws and is owned by RISE FX GmbH or licensed from its clients - duplication or redistribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. © Copyright 2019 RISE FX GmbH - all rights reserved.


07.06.2019 – 09:06
Our team at RISE Munich reached into the clockwork mechanisms of the VFX world to make all of you feel very uncomfortable starting June 21st...

DARK Season 2 | Teaser

"If it is what I think it is, it will change our understanding of the world forever." DARK Season 2, June 21st.

04.06.2019 – 17:33
Netflix has just released a brand new poster for Stranger Things Season 3! What a perfect occasion to announce that we are working on it! We can't wait for July 4!

04.06.2019 – 13:57
Here we go again.

Attending this year's Effects in Montreal was a sure thing. 3rd time we attend, so we thought it might be a good idea to throw a little birthday party.
It goes without saying: Every party is only as good as its attendees. Therefore: stop by and say hi.

Be aware, RISE is there.

04.06.2019 – 13:00
The new season of DARK is coming in few days!

DARK: Trilogy Trailer

The Trilogy continues. Cycle two begins. DARK Season 2 is coming June 21st.


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