28.04.2020 – 14:00
We hope that you liked that climatic fight in the previous episode of Westworld. Have a look at how HBO filmed it with also a glimpse of our #VFX work!

Westworld: Creating Westworld's Reality - Behind the Scenes of Season 3 Episode 7 | HBO

Chart your own course. The cast and crew of #Westworld break down “Passed Pawn.” #HBO Subscribe to HBO on YouTube: Follow the dawn of a...

24.04.2020 – 15:36
Get ready for an intense new episode of Westworld this Sunday on HBO:

Westworld: Season 3 Episode 7 Promo | HBO

Start at the beginning. New episodes. Sundays at 9PM. #HBO #Westworld Subscribe to HBO on YouTube: Follow the dawn of artificial consci...

22.04.2020 – 16:00
And now - some slightly less depressing news from the film industry featuring a bit of what we've been up to while the world burned...

How VFX Houses Are Dealing With Remote Work, Security Concerns Amid Virus Crisis

Smaller postproduction companies are proving to be nimble players in adjusting to the new normal, but some fear a downturn may be coming.

20.04.2020 – 14:00
Let us spoil Westworld Season 3 Episode 6 for you with a glimpse at our digital #VFX makeup work...

Westworld: Creating Westworld's Reality - Behind the Scenes of Season 3 Episode 6 | HBO

Our paths have changed us. The Westworld cast and crew discuss "Decoherence" and Charlotte Hale. #HBO #Westworld Subscribe to HBO on YouTube:

17.04.2020 – 14:30
As you may know, Artemis Fowl is coming directly to Disney+. Now we have the date, get ready to discover this adventure movie on June 12!

Artemis Fowl | Streaming Exclusively June 12 | Disney+

16.04.2020 – 15:30
Have you started watching the new season of Westworld yet? If so, don't miss the next episode this Sunday on HBO. We're really proud to be part of this universe! #VFX

Westworld | Season 3 Episode 6 - Preview (HBO)

08.04.2020 – 13:37
#Disney made an important decision with Artemis Fowl because of current circumstances. The film will finally no longer be released in theatres but directly on its Disney+ service!

‘Artemis Fowl’ Will Skip Theatrical Release and Debut on Disney Plus

Disney’s “Artemis Fowl” will forgo a theatrical release and will instead launch on Disney Plus. The sci-fi fantasy was scheduled to open on May 29, but the coronavirus pandemic ha…

06.04.2020 – 14:00
For all #WesAnderson fans, the wait to watch The French Dispatch will be a little longer than expected. The new release date is now October 16, 2020!

The French Dispatch Given New Release Date by Searchlight Pictures -

Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch has been given a new release date by Searchlight Pictures, with the debut now set for October 16, 2020.


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