29.06.2020 – 16:10
Jonah and Jay, our friends from Westworld, talk about filming the future using tools from the future! Note to future self: Watch this featurette! Future self: OK!

Westworld: Creating Westworld's Reality - Behind the Scenes of Season 3 | HBO

Westworld's co-creator and executive producer Jonathan Nolan and VFX supervisor Jay Worth discuss the unique filmmaking techniques used while shooting Season...

[ ]

27.06.2020 – 15:00
DARK Season 3 is out Today on #Netflix. What a great ride with #BaranboOdar, #JantjeFriese and Wiedemann & Berg on all seasons, thanks for having us on board! And now: Put your thinking caps on, focus, take a deep breath for some of the best writing and demanding storytelling TV has to offer 🤓🤯😳!

DARK - The Official Season 1 & 2 Recap | Netflix

Starting Dark Season 3 and needing a recap of what happens in seasons one and two? You're not alone, so here it is. The official recap to get you back up to ...

[ ]

26.06.2020 – 15:00
Interested to know more about our work on the third season of Westworld? Have a read on this The Art of VFX interview of our very own #VFX Supervisor Jonathan Weber!

WESTWORLD – SEASON 3: Jonathan Weber – VFX Supervisor – RISE

In 2018, Jonathan Weber explained the work of RISE on BLACK PANTHER. He then worked on films such as DUMBO, SHAZAM, AVENGERS: ENDGAME and FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW.

[ ]

25.06.2020 – 15:30
This spring we were invited to help bring one of our favorite TV shows to life, the 3rd season of WESTWORLD by masterminds Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan for HBO.
Our VFX supervisor Jonathan Weber and his team designed everything from flying gunship drones to the Rehoboam super computer, digital make up effects that literally crawl under your skin, both when playing with fire and helping otherwise perfectly healthy actors pretend to be unarmed. RISE added more mayhem to one of the physical final showdowns adding blood and muzzle flashes.

All content of this reel is protected by copyright laws and is owned by RISE FX GmbH or licensed from it′s clients - duplication or redistribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. © Copyright 2020 RISE FX GmbH - all rights reserved.


24.06.2020 – 15:09
Co-Production and all #VFX by RISE | Visual Effects Studios, The Hollywood Reporter writes #Stowaway „resonates with the post-pandemic world“! Read the article here:

How the Creators of 'Stowaway' Inadvertently Made the Ultimate COVID-19 Movie

Conceived and shot before the coronavirus outbreak, the sci-fi thriller starring Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Shamier Anderson and Daniel Dae Kim resonates with the post-pandemic world.

[ ]

23.06.2020 – 15:00
The final season of DARK will be release this Friday on #Netflix! Let's have a look at this Trilogy trailer:

Dark S3 | Trilogy Trailer

The saga comes to an end. Prepare to have your questions answered on June 27th.

22.06.2020 – 15:00
The brand new trailer for The King's Man is out! What a great way to start the week! Be sure to watch it in theaters on September 18:


“We are the first independent intelligence agency.” Watch the brand-new trailer for The King's Man, in theaters September 18, 2020.

19.06.2020 – 15:02
The poster for the final season of DARK is just out! Have a great weekend and be ready for the conclusion on #Netflix at the end of the month!

Future. Past. Present. Like an endless loop, it's all intertwined.

18.06.2020 – 15:00
#TBT The final season of DARK will be release at the end of the month on #Netflix. That's the occasion to have a look back at our #VFX work on the first season. Enjoy!


This reel showcases the work created at RISE | Visual Effects Studios for the series DARK Now streaming on Netflix! All…

[ ]

16.06.2020 – 14:11
There are only a few days left before the conclusion of DARK! This is the occasion of a recap made by #Netflix:

DARK in 60 seconds

The final cycle starts soon. Be prepared for the final season of DARK with the fastest recap ever.

15.06.2020 – 15:00
If you like #fantasy and #magic? Don't miss the new movie by #KennethBranagh, Artemis Fowl, which is streaming now on Disney+!

Now Streaming | Artemis Fowl | Disney+

Artemis Fowl is now streaming exclusively on Disney+ 🕶

12.06.2020 – 06:39
A new day is rising with this great trailer for the third season of DARK!

DARK S3 | Trailer

The end is the beginning. And the beginning is the end. Dark comes full circle on June 27th.

11.06.2020 – 15:02
It's always nice to work with friends - like when we returned to the swinging world of Babylon Berlin for Season 3, led by our VFX supervisor Erik Schneider. As building a single set representing all of Berlin is impossible, lots of set extensions needed to be built following the architecture of the pre-WWII era and famous sites were recreated that were destroyed during the war based on photographic reference. Cars were animated, trams needed to speed through the streets and thousands of CG crowd digi-doubles made the city come alive.

Bablyon Berlin Season 3 is now out on Sky Europe and soon everywhere around the world streaming and on TV.

All content of this reel is protected by copyright laws and is owned by RISE FX GmbH or licensed from it′s clients - duplication or redistribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. © Copyright 2020 RISE FX GmbH - all rights reserved.

RISE REEL - Babylon Berlin - Season 3

10.06.2020 – 15:00
The new issue of Cinefex is focusing about series! Be sure to read the Westworld article to know more about our #VFX work on this great HBO show!

Cinefex - Next Issue

Preview and pre-order the next issue of Cinefex.

[ ]

09.06.2020 – 17:00
After yesterday's #FMX talk with Florian, you still haven't had enough tech talk from #RISE?
Listen a nerve-racking 23 minutes to Falk Hofmann, Global Head of #Compositing at RISE, explain a couple of his tools that you can also download for free (not free of fame for Falk - but free of charge for you):

Tool Time in Nuke: Episode 4- Card Machine & Camera Shaker

In this episode we have guest tool author Falk Hofmann (Head of Comp/Rise Visual Effects Studios Berlin Germany) to demo his plugins Card Machine and Camera ...

[ ]

08.06.2020 – 17:00
See you in one hour! #FMXHighlights

Tonight´s Show: Jeff Wagner, Senior Technology Consultant at
Houdini & Florian Gellinger, Owner / Executive VFX Producer at RISE | Visual Effects Studios will join the Highlights of FMX 1994-2020 at 20:00 CET on

08.06.2020 – 12:04
Jeff from #SideFX and Flo from #RISE travel through time and discuss past/present/future developments in #computergraphics:

Summer Program - Highlights of FMX 1994-2020

Our summer program awaits you with four exciting live shows welcoming some of the top-class industry players:
Unique expert´s peeks into the world of animation and VFX! 🔥
📺 Tune in every 2nd Monday at 20:00 CET for the Highlights of FMX 1994-2020 on
👉🏼 June 8: Hot VFX Topics in the Eyes of Industry Pros with Florian Gellinger (RISE FX) and Jeff "Old School" Wagner (SideFX)
👉🏼 June 22: Legends Revisited: Gertie and the Nine Old Men with John Canemaker (NYU Tisch School of the Arts)
👉🏼 July 6: The Godfather of Dragons with Sven Martin (PIXOMONDO)
👉🏼July 20: A Phantasmagorical Journey with Phil Tippett (Tippett Studios)

#FMXHighlights #FMX2021

05.06.2020 – 15:01
We are happy to announce that our team is working hard on the horror series, Lovecraft Country! Coming on HBO this August!

04.06.2020 – 15:06
RISE VFX supervisor Oliver Hohn was given the chance to develop photorealistic CG armies and CG horses with his team for the TV drama "Kingdoms of Fire" in 2019. To spice things up, explosions and fire were added to the epic battle scenes, sometimes as FX simulations and sometimes as elements shot on location. As an additional challenge several camera teams were at work in parallel during the battles and needed to be covered up with more CG soldiers and CG horses. Battlefields were dressed with corpses and armies equipped with CG flags.

All content of this reel is protected by copyright laws and is owned by RISE FX GmbH or licensed from it′s clients - duplication or redistribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. © Copyright 2020 RISE FX GmbH - all rights reserved.

RISE REEL - Kingdoms of Fire

03.06.2020 – 15:53
Get ready for June 8! #FMXHighlights #FMX2021

Master of chaos and master of VFX : Florian Gellinger, Owner and Executive VFX Producer of RISE | Visual Effects Studios (here on set of "The Book Thief") will join the next Highlights of FMX. Meet him and Jeff "Old School" Wagner from Houdini next Monday at 8pm CET live on

#FMXHighlights #FMX2021

01.06.2020 – 15:00
Our very own Owner and Executive #VFX Producer Florian Gellinger will be part of the next #FMXHighlights on June 8! Don't miss this talk on the FMX website!

Don´t miss the next Highlights of FMX Live Show! 🌟

Florian Gellinger, Owner and Executive VFX Producer of RISE | Visual Effects Studios, will lead us through an entertaining interview with SideFX (Houdini) legend Jeff "Old School" Wagner, covering the early beginnings in Jeff's career of 26 years, as well as his perspective on the latest topics in the fast-changing industry and an outlook of what's to come.

Let´s get some questions ready and happy weekend everyone!

#FMXHighlights #FMX2021


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