22.10.2020 – 16:00
Congratulations to #DrachenReiter & #JimKnopf2 for doing great at the German box-office! That was really cool to be part of these shows!

15.10.2020 – 15:26
If you love animation and dragons, be sure to watch #DragonRider! In theaters today in Germany!

Dragon Rider: Trailer

10.10.2020 – 19:21
Tomorrow 😍🤩

Das Warten hat ein Ende: Am 11. Oktober starten die neuen Folgen von "Babylon Berlin" im Ersten - ARD Mediathek & Das Erste.

Staffel 1 und 2 könnt ihr bereits jetzt in der ARD Mediathek wiederholen:

#BabylonBerlin #1920er #xfilme

08.10.2020 – 15:02
#TBT The production of the 4th season of #StrangerThings resumed few days ago, that's the perfect occasion to look back at our work on the previous season!

RISE REEL - Stranger Things Season 3

01.10.2020 – 16:02
#TBT Let's take you for a visit of St. Paul's Cathedral with #Hellboy and his fire crown and sword without forgetting the meeting with some demons:


29.09.2020 – 15:00
The new #JimKnopf movie is coming to the German theaters this Fall! Don't miss its brand new trailer:

JIM KNOPF UND DIE WILDE 13 (2020) - Trailer ** HD **

JIM KNOPF UND DIE WILDE 13 (2020) - HD Trailer Neue Abenteuer warten auf Jim Knopf und Lukas den Lokomotivführer! Nachdem die beiden Freunde den Drachen Frau...

[ ]

25.09.2020 – 15:00
Be sure to watch the new episode of Lovecraft Country this Sunday on HBO! Have a nice weekend!

Lovecraft Country: Season 1 Episode 7 Promo | HBO

On the next #LovecraftCountry. #HBO #JurneeSmollett #JonathanMajors Subscribe to HBO on YouTube: Official Site of Lovecraft Country on ...

[ ]

24.09.2020 – 15:06
Happy Birthday to a very special friend who we worked with on #DoctorStrange!

23.09.2020 – 15:03
Don't miss the interview of our very own #VFX Supervisor Jonathan Weber about our work on the third season of Westworld with French website 3DVF:

Androids, blood and fire : in-depth interview about Westworld Season 3 with RISE Studios - 3DVF

We already had the opportunity to interview RISE and the VFX Supervisor Jonathan Weber in 2018, about Black Panther (article in French only). We got back in touch with Jonathan to talk about the making of Westworld season 3. For this HBO show, RISE worked on impressing VFX ranging from...

[ ]

21.09.2020 – 15:00
Oh look - a first trailer for #WandaVision, coming soon to Disney+!

WandaVision | Official Trailer | Disney+

Welcome to WandaVision. Coming soon to Disney+. Marvel Studios' captivating new series "WandaVision" stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, and marks the fi...

[ ]

17.09.2020 – 15:02
#TBT Working on #AvengersInfinityWar was a real blast! Let's have a look back to our #Wakanda and #NewYork environments as well as the 1800 frames post credit scene!


10.09.2020 – 15:03
#TBT Four years ago, we created the action-packed opening sequence for #CaptainAmerica #CivilWar! Come have a look at how we did it:

09.09.2020 – 16:00
Variety is talking about our #London office!

Global Bulletin: Neither COVID nor Brexit Could Stop Rise from Opening its London Office

In today’s global bulletin German VFX company Rise Visual Effects opens London offices, ViacomCBS International, Banijay and ITN make major promotions and BBC Studios sells “Doctor Fost…

[ ]

03.09.2020 – 16:01
#TBT Get ready for some action high in the air and underwater for an unusual heist in this #VFX Breakdown revealing our work on #Renegades!


29.08.2020 – 04:51
#wakandaforever #rip


27.08.2020 – 15:00
#TBT Let's go for a ride on Hala, the alien planet and its massive city, that we created for #CaptainMarvel!


This reel showcases the visual effects work created at RISE | Visual Effects Studios Hala, the name of an alien planet, covered entirely by a massive city. It's…

[ ]

20.08.2020 – 16:22
See you next month, London!

RISE | Visual Effects Studios Titelbild

18.08.2020 – 15:00
#RISE is opening a studio in #London run by absolutely fabulous Executive Producer and Managing Director Lara Lom. So far, the best thing that happened to the world this year:

German VFX firm Rise to open UK office including traditional Soho pub (exclusive)

The company, with credits including 'Avengers: Endgame', is set to open a London office in September.

[ ]

14.08.2020 – 15:00
Are you ready for a road trip into 1950s America? Let's meet the cast of Lovecraft Country in this featurette! The series will be premiere on HBO this Sunday:

Exploring Lovecraft Country | HBO

“Some of the things that we do in this story, it’s quite genre-breaking.”

The cast of #LovecraftCountry gives you the inside scoop on what the show is about and the characters they play. #LovecraftCountry premieres this Sunday at 9pm on HBO and stream it on HBO Max.

13.08.2020 – 17:00
The Dark Tower has landed on Netflix so that's the perfect occasion to have a look back on our #VFX work on this show: #TBT

RISE REEL - The Dark Tower

This reel showcases the visual effects work created at RISE | Visual Effects Studios for the motion picture The Dark Tower All footage © 2017 Media Rights…

[ ]

12.08.2020 – 15:00
After the trailer last Sunday, here is the poster for the new adventures #JimKnopf! Coming to German theaters on October 8th:

Hurra! 🙌🏻 Schon bald gibt's wieder neue Abenteuer mit Jim Knopf und seinen Freunden! 🏝️🐲
🎬 Ab 08.10. im Kino

11.08.2020 – 15:00
One of the most interesting #VFX industry podcasts by veteran and icon Allan McKay features an interview with our supes #AndreasGiesen and #KorbinianHopfner in its latest episode. Make sure to tune in on #iTunes or on Allan's website to hear them both complain about life in VFX - or as Allan puts it more positively:

"In this Podcast, Allan McKay interviews Rise FX’s Supervisors Andreas Giesen and Korbinian Hopfner about the secret to a great reel, the importance of starting out as a generalist, the soft and hard skills crucial for a successful VFX Artist, and much more."

Episode 259 - Rise FX - Allan Mckay

  Episode 259 -- Rise FX Rise FX was founded in 2007 by Sven Pannicke, Robert Pinnow, Markus Degen and Florian Gellinger in Berlin. Today, this

[ ]

09.08.2020 – 16:00
We hope that you have a great weekend! Don't miss this first trailer for #JimKnopfunddieWilde13! Coming to German theaters on October 8th:


Die beiden berühmtesten Lokomotivführer der Welt sowie dreizehn, nein, zwölf Piraten setzen die Segel und stechen in See! 🏝️🐲
🎬 Ab 08.10. im Kino

03.08.2020 – 15:00
Don't miss those exclusive images by Empire Magazine for The King's Man! The movie will be released next month!

The King’s Man Includes ‘Seeds’ For Kingsman 3, Says Matthew Vaughn – Exclusive Images

Plus a longer 'Vaughn Cut' of The King's Man could be on the cards. Read more at Empire.

[ ]

31.07.2020 – 15:37
In 2019 RISE was asked to dive deep into Stanley Kubrick's world: Based on the bestselling book by Steven King, "Doctor Sleep" picks up the story first brought to the big screen in the cult classic "The Shining", decades later. Supervisors Benjamin Burr, Florian Gellinger and their teams recreated iconic environments in great detail, researched in an effort of VFX archeology, like the Overlook Hotel, the bloody elevator seen from various angles and the snowy hedge maze.

"Doctor Sleep" is now out on DVD, Blu-Ray and all Video-on-Demand platforms.
The work at RISE Stuttgart was kindly supported by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg.

All content of this reel is protected by copyright laws and is owned by RISE FX GmbH or licensed from it′s clients - duplication or redistribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. © Copyright 2020 RISE FX GmbH - all rights reserved.

RISE REEL - Doctor Sleep

29.07.2020 – 17:00
Congratulations for their “Best VFX” Emmy nominations to Jay Worth (Westworld, HBO), Paul Graff (Stranger Things, #Netflix) and their teams. We are honored that we had the chance to work with you on two of our favorite TV shows!

25.07.2020 – 15:30
Normally it's pretty quiet during the weekend except when there is the Comic-Con International. Don't miss this excellent trailer for Lovecraft Country. Coming to HBO on August 16th. Have a great weekend!

Lovecraft Country | Official Trailer

This is family business.

Watch the official trailer for #LovecraftCountry, premiering August 16 on HBO.

24.07.2020 – 15:38
Thanks to the #french website 3DVF for their interview with our #VFX Supervisor Jonathan Weber about our work on Westworld!

Des androïdes, du sang et des flammes : RISE nous détaille les coulisses de Westworld saison 3 - 3DVF

Nous avions déjà eu l’occasion d’interviewer le studio RISE et son superviseur VFX Jonathan Weber en 2018, autour du film Black Panther. Nous sommes revenus vers lui pour évoquer les coulisses de la série de science-fiction Westworld de HBO. Pour la saison 3, RISE a travaillé sur des effets...

[ ]

23.07.2020 – 15:19
TBT! Was there ever a better reason to re-release our 10th anniversary reel from 2017? No reason needed!
Some of our early works in the mix with newer sequences, polished and perfected with sound.

All content of this reel is protected by copyright laws and is owned by RISE FX GmbH or licensed from it′s clients - duplication or redistribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. © Copyright 2020 RISE FX GmbH - all rights reserved.



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