Borgia - Season 2

Client: Atlantique Productions, EOS Entertainment
Director: Tom Fontana
DOP: Ousama Rawi
VFX Supervisor RISE: Markus Degen


Season 2 opens a new chapter in the adventures of this highly controversial family. Beginning in February 1494, eight months after the death of Rodrigo Borgia’s eldest son, this season explores different facets of one of the most notorious families in history – bloody battles, intrigues to keep hold of the long-coveted papacy, and the meteoric rise of Prince Cesare Borgia.

This new season takes the viewer across Italy and its varied landscapes, and also features illustrious personalities who marked the transition period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: Niccolò Machiavelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. BORGIA returns with a wide spectrum of intrigues, generosities, humor, tragedy, romance and brutality; profoundly human stories that define the rules of war and the rules of love.