02.03.2017 – 13:54
We are really proud to work on the first german series by Netflix, #Dark. Have a look at the teaser:

Dark | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

A missing child sets four families on a frantic hunt for answers. Their search for a culprit unearths a small town’s sins and secrets. On Netflix Winter 2017...

[ ]

01.03.2017 – 08:01
Let's start the month by watching our #VFX Breakdown about Doctor Strange!

RISE REEL - Doctor Strange

This reel showcases the visual effects work created at RISE | Visual Effects Studios for the motion picture Doctor Strange All footage © 2016 Marvel Music:…

[ ]

25.02.2017 – 17:10
Danke für die Blumen liebes Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg! Fingers crossed for our friends at Marvel Studios tomorrow!

10 Jahre RISE – Congrats

10 Jahre am VFX-Standort! RISE | Visual Effects Studios feiert Jubiläum, wir gratulieren herzlich und drücken gaanz fest die Daumen für den VFX-Oscar für Doctor Strange! #VFXmadeinBerlin #HappyAnniversary #ManyHappyReturns The Academy

22.02.2017 – 19:19
10 years ago today, on 22nd February 2007, four guys were up to no good, causing trouble in the neighborhood. They founded a visual effects company called RISE. The rest is history. Congratulations to us, thank you to our families for their patience and support, thank you to our clients for their trust and thank you to our big second family: The amazing team at all of the RISE facilities for their endless passion and artistry. We love you, none of this would have been possible without you! Sven, Robert, Markus and Flo

21.02.2017 – 09:47
Great meeting at FilmFernsehFonds Bayern Reception during the 67th Berlinale!

17.02.2017 – 17:45
Please stand up, please stand up...and sit down at a workstation at RISE!You are not into shading or lighting? Well, we got ya..!
Staff-Positions-starting ASAP
BLN: CG-Supe;Recruiter;Accountant;SysAdmin;Coord;Coord-Intern
COL: Coord
MUC: Comp-Supe;Coord
STR: CG-Supe;L/S Artist
BLN: L/S-start Feb/Mar;Comp-start Feb/Mar/Apr/Jul;FX-start Mar
MUN: Mod/Text - start Mar/Apr L/S - start Mar/Apr Comp - start Mar/Apr/May
STR: Mod/Text - start Feb/Mar
Now, sit down, apply via, stand up(please stand up), go out, drink beer, have fun!Cheers, RISE


17.02.2017 – 14:09
Here are more pictures from the Richard The Stork premiere in Berlin!

17.02.2017 – 08:42
A Cure For Wellness is now in theaters! Congratulations to our talented team of #Stuttgart for their work!


16.02.2017 – 08:32
Last Sunday we had a great time at the premiere of Richard The Stork in #Berlin!


14.02.2017 – 13:47
Don't forget to take the cure this Friday! #ACureForWellness

RISE | Visual Effects Studios Titelbild

14.02.2017 – 10:06
Have at look at the official trailer of Richard The Stork, our first animated project:

Richard the Stork - Official Trailer

Richard the Stork - Official Trailer. Courtesy of Global Screen. Used with permission.

[ ]

13.02.2017 – 14:37
Really happy to announce that one of our new projects is full of crazy action, stunts and cars... Yep, that's Fast & Furious 8!

The Fate of the Furious - Big Game Spot - In Theaters April 14 (HD)

On the heels of 2015’s Furious 7, one of the fastest movies to reach $1 billion worldwide in box-office history and the sixth-biggest global title of all tim...

[ ]

06.02.2017 – 10:12
Are you ready to take the cure? Then don't miss this #SuperBowl commercial for A Cure For Wellness by Gore Verbinski:

A Cure For Wellness | "Take The Cure" #SB51 Commercial | 20th Century Fox

Enroll in Wellness Coverage Now: An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from an idyllic but mysterious “we...

[ ]

03.02.2017 – 17:37
Hold your horses, of course there are more jobs available at RISE! It´s time to get to know each other! Here´s the menu:
FX - start Feb/Mar Mod/Text - start Feb/Mar L/S - start Feb/Mar Comp - start Feb/Mar/Apr/Jul
BLN - STAFF - ASAP CG Supervisor Recruiter Accountant Sys Admin Coord Coord-Intern

Comp - start Mar

Mod/Text - start Feb/Mar
STR - STAFF - ASAP CG Sup Comp Sup L/S Artist
MUN Mod/Text - start Mar/Apr L/S - start Mar/Apr Comp - start Mar/Apr/May
MUN - STAFF - Mar Comp Sup Coord

Now: go out, grab an alcoholic beverage and have fun! CHEERS!



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