08.11.2019 – 17:31
We all know those beloved compositing artists down in the windowless basement (does not apply to ANY RISE location) are the ones putting everything together for the final shot.
But of course there are more ingredients to get a shot done.
Some focus on schedule, budget and organisation. Some build stuff, some destroy stuff, some paint stuff. Some admin the system, some take care of the pipeline.
Some manage, clean and repair the office and some just do stupid social media ads.
It takes everyone to get it done.
Wanna become a key person?
Find out if you got the keys to our heart:
Enjoy your weekend.

Bidding Producer - Staff - ASAP
VFX Producer - STAFF -ASAP
Recruiter - Staff - ASAP
Comp Artist - Freelance – ASAP
Compulsory Interns until March 2020

VFX Supervisor - Staff - ASAP
Comp Artist- Freelance - ASAP

Comp Supe - Staff - ASAP
CG Supe - Staff - ASAP
FX - Staff - ASAP
Sys Admin - Staff - ASAP
L/S - Staff/Freelance - ASAP
Comp Artist - Staff/Freelance - ASAP
Generalist - Staff/Freelance - ASAP
Compulsory Interns until March 2020

Don't be shy, just apply!
đź–¤ RISE

Please note EU citizenship or an existing German work permit is required.

08.11.2019 – 12:39
We had a lot of fun to work on Doctor Sleep! Do you dare to go back to Overlook?

Our team in Stuttgart is supported by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg

Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep | In Theaters Tonight

TONIGHT – Dare to go back. Get tickets to Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep now: #DoctorSleepMovie

07.11.2019 – 14:00
Are you looking for ideas to forget this gray and rainy weather? The timing is perfect with the release of Hobbs & Shaw on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Hobbs & Shaw is on Blu-ray & 4K Ultra NOW

Take home your own copy of #HobbsAndShaw and see the jaw-dropping action today! Get it on Blu-ray & 4K Ultra HD NOW:

06.11.2019 – 12:00
Get ready for Artemis Fowl! In theaters on May 29, 2020!

Artemis Fowls Titelbild

05.11.2019 – 15:00
Don't miss this really cool selection of pictures for The King's Man!

Our team at RISE Munich is being kindly supported by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

Check out these brand-new images from The King’s Man that debuted at New York Comic Con earlier today. The King’s Man comes to theaters February 14.

01.11.2019 – 11:00
You don't have anything planned for this weekend? We have a great address for you! Doctor Sleep #Overlook

Our team in Stuttgart is supported by MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg


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