22.08.2019 – 17:00
Our team talk with The Art of VFX about our creature work and what we did on the final battle on Hellboy!

HELLBOY: Markus Degen (VFX Supervisor) with Andreas Giesen (CG Supervisor) – RISE

Markus Degen began his career in visual effects in the early 2000s. He is one of the founders of RISE. As a VFX Supervisor, he took care of the effects of films like IRON MAN 3, BORGIA, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and JIM BUTTON AND LUKE THE ENGINE DRIVER.

[ ]

22.08.2019 – 12:12
The German Film Awards are adding a VFX and Animation category in 2020. In case you are wondering, we can assure you: YES, YOU ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE NOW!

Thanks to Denis and Jan for getting things done!

👏👏 BESTE VISUELLE EFFEKTE UND ANIMATION - von 2020 an vergibt Kulturstaatsministerin Monika Grütters den Deutschen Filmpreis erstmals auch für herausragende Einzelleistungen in dieser neuen Kategorie! 🏆

#lola20 Foto: Florian Liedel

19.08.2019 – 15:19
We're blushing and definitely not crying! It's just the rain on our faces. Nothing to see. Please keep moving. Thanks everyone! You make Facebook what it is: A place to post corporate publicity and being loved for it! #loveyou5000

13.08.2019 – 14:58
Straight from hell and RISE comes Hellboy, a new approach to the epic adventures of Red. For this journey, the team around #VFX Supervisor and Creative Director Markus Degen added St. Pauls Cathedral to partial set builds, designed daemons and alternate realities, lit King Arthur's crypt on fire, gave Hellboy his fire crown and sword, opened the gates of hell and helped set an end to the reign of the Blood Queen.

Hellboy is now out on DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming!

All content of this reel is protected by copyright laws and is owned by RISE FX GmbH or licensed from it′s clients - duplication or redistribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. © Copyright 2019 RISE FX GmbH - all rights reserved.


07.08.2019 – 12:15
If you weren't at SIGGRAPH Conferences 2019, here is your chance to watch the Houdini talk by our very own #CG Supervisor Oliver Markowski:

Two tricks to make your Procedural Shading Workflow more Efficient | Oliver Markowski | SIGGRAPH...

Oliver will show you two techniques that made the procedural shading workflow at RISE much more efficient. First, he will talk about old-school texture-bombi...

[ ]

01.08.2019 – 12:07
Get ready for crazy action sequences!

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw - In Theaters 8/2 (Final Trailer) [HD]

Oh, hell yeah. Get your tickets for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Watch the final trailer now. #HobbsAndShaw


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